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Unable to shovel? Just Rent-A-Kid [Video]

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Program Teams Young, Old To Get Through Winter

Milford residents worried about shoveling themselves out after a storm need not worry, thanks to the Rent-A-Kid program.

Resident Teresa Ruffo, 75, said she doesn’t worry about who’s going to shovel anymore. She said that when wintry weatehr takes its toll, 12-year-old David Foster is there to handle the job.

“Every time it snows, I call Teresa,” Foster said. “I look forward to it because I feel it’s helping her and it’s making it easier to be here. It snows a lot here, so I can’t imagine her doing this herself.”

The end result is some cash in kids’ pockets and a happy neighbor like Ruffo.

“I’m very happy with David, and I’m very happy with the program,” Ruffo said. “I think it’s a wonderful program because we will use him also in the summer if he’s available.”

Read more and watch this story: Unable To Shovel? Just Rent-A-Kid

Photo: Flickr user wenjomatic

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03/04/2009 at 9:45 pm

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