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Man catches child by feet in midair after boy fell 30 feet from escalator

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It was the catch of a lifetime…and that ‘good catch’ by a San Diego man may have saved the life of a 4-year-old boy.

21-year-old Antonio Jones was at the Mission Viejo Mall Friday with his girlfriend.

The couple craved a burger from Islands Restaurant.

Jones was standing outside the restaurant on the ground floor when he noticed little Jimmy Lavin get tangled in an upstairs escalator.

The escalator hand-rail pulled Lavin upstairs to the second floor.

In an instant, the sobbing boy was carried upward as he dangled off the staircase.

Jones was a few steps away when Lavin hit the top wall was knocked off the escalator rail.

The boy plummeted 30 feet head-first toward the concrete walkway.

Jones reacted… jumping forward and catching the child with one hand on each leg.

It was a near perfect catch… Lavin’s head just barely touched the ground.

The child was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for a minor bump on the noggin and released.

Jones is being credited for saving the boy’s life.
SOURCE: San Diego Man Saves Boy From 30-foot Fall


Nanny runs barefoot through flames to save 5-year-old boy

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A Shelby County nanny is being hailed a hero. 22-year-old Alyson Myatt is at University Hospital, recovering from severe burns after she saved a 5-year-old’s life.

Around 6:20 a.m. on March 23, Myatt was sleeping in a downstairs bedroom at a home on Golden Rod where she is a live-in nanny for 5-year-old Aiden Hawes, whose father was out of town.

“I just heard a big boom. I thought it was Aiden,” Myatt said.

After hearing the boom, Myatt immediately sprinted upstairs – barefoot. When she got to the hallway, she was met by flames on the carpet.

“I was calling him. He said, ‘Aly, I’m in here. I’m in my room underneath my covers.’ I was like okay and I ran there, grabbed him and ran out,” said Myatt.

Myatt said her focus was rescuing Aiden. At the time, she didn’t even think about getting burned.

“After I ran off the carpet, my feet were just … it was like I was walking on goo ’cause all the skin. My feet were just burned off,” Myatt described.

Myatt then ran out of the house with Aiden, drove to a neighbor’s house to call 911. Although Myatt suffered burns to her hands, legs and feet, she said Aiden was not injured.

“I’m just happy Aiden is okay,” said Myatt. “I care for that kid a lot.”

“The boy, probably, without her wouldn’t have been able to survive until we arrived,” said Chief Willard Tucker of the Shelbyville Fire Department.

Tucker believes Myatt ran through 400 degree flames to reach and rescue Aiden, something he believes a lot of people would not have done.

SOURCE: Nanny runs barefoot through flames to save 5-year-old boy

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Man Runs From California To Georgia Raising Funds For Juvenile Arthritis [VIDEO]

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Patrick McGlade is running a marathon. But you won’t find a pack of competitors in front of him or behind him. He’s running this one alone. He’s raising awareness and money for juvenile arthritis.

The idea came to him when he was running a marathon. Actually I was in the middle of a 24 hour race and I decided well if I can run for 24 hours straight, I think I can run a marathon a day. That’s when I started looking for charities,” says McGlade.

The Arthritis Foundation welcomed him with open arms. The charity has been there every step of the way lining up support, food and shelter for McGlade.

“For the most part, it’s been a very good experience.”

But very challenging, says McGlade. He runs 30 miles a day. He stops to take photographs along the way. He was drawn to a sign on the 13th Street Bridge recognizing the 2006 Little League World Series Champions from Columbus. Once he snapped his photos, it was back to work.

McGlade’s Huntington Beach, California to Tybee Island, Georgia run is expected to end April 23rd. His goal is to raise $50,000. So far McGlade has raised $17,000. To see photos of his journey, his route, and to donate, visit

SOURCE: Man Runs From California To Georgia Raising Funds For Juvenile Arthritis

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Woman Opening Up Food Bank for Pets [VIDEO]

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We have all heard of food banks and the impact they make on our community, but how about a pantry for pets?

It is the idea of Newberry’s Star Chappell, who within the last year learned about the special gift of owning
an animal.

“He’s truly changed my life, I mean he opened up my heart. I just never had to care for something that needed me that much,” said Chappell of her cat Trainor.

Last year Chappell was going through a very difficult time in her life when she found an  abandoned and very sick outside her restaurant.

She took him to a vet, where he needed a blood  transfusion and lots of tender loving care.

The cat’s name is Trainor and he’s all better now.

For as much as the animal needed a friend, Chappell did too.

Watch this story: Midlands Woman Opening Up Food Bank for Pets

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Math tutor uses numbers to fight red light camera ticket [VIDEO]

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A woman was caught on camera running a red in Collier County. But after her husband fought the ticket, it was thrown out. Now officials say there may be other drivers who were wrongly ticketed as well.

About 28,000 drivers have been caught on camera running a red light in less than a year. The excuses range from bad weather to not wanting to be rear-ended.

But Collier driver Mike Mogil claims the yellow lights are simply too short. And as it turns out, he’s right.

Armed with a stopwatch, Mogil may be driving a hole in the credibility of Collier County’s red light camera system.

“If the county, they are not going to follow their own rules, then why should we be required to follow the rules?” he asked.

When his wife received a ticket in the mail recently, the first thing she said was the yellow light was too short.

So Mike, who works with numbers all the time as a math tutor, put it to the test.

“I said, ‘If it’s really short, then you got short-changed and you got a ticket illegally,'” said Mogil.

The speed limit on Collier Boulevard, where she was cited, is 45 mph. According to county guidelines, the yellow light should be 4.5 seconds.

Mogil said he tested it 15 times with an average of only 3.8 seconds.

“And I said, ‘We’ve got a problem,'” he said.

He challenged the ticket Monday and a special magistrate dropped it when the county conceded the yellow wasn’t long enough.

“I think it was an oversight more than anything,” said Gene Calvert of the Collier County Transportation Department.

The county has already fixed the Collier Boulevard light, and says it will check 200 other intersections to make sure they meet the standard.

NBC2: Do you think there are other lights that may not be timed correctly?
Calvert: I doubt it very seriously, but I will be looking into it.

But Mogil says he’s already checked 65 intersections and found that only seven yellow lights are long enough.

“There’s a much, much bigger issue here and it has to be addressed,” e said.

The county says it will be checking the intersections with red light cameras first.

They encourage anyone who thinks they may have gotten a ticket incorrectly to challenge it, just as Mogil did.

Watch this story:  Math tutor uses numbers to fight red light camera ticket

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Honest taxi driver reaps rewards

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The donations started after a website was set up in his honour calling for gestures of gratitude for what is seen as an extraordinary act of honesty.

So far the equivalent of $14,580 has been donated, according to the site.

Santiago Gori, a taxi driver in the coastal city of La Plata, found the money after driving an elderly couple.

They only went a short distance but when he dropped them off, they left a bag in the back of his taxi.

A few days later he managed to locate his passengers again and he returned the bag.

For Argentines used to corruption at all levels of society, this was an extraordinary story.

Two young advertising agency employees decided to set up a website to thank Mr Gori further for his exemplary behaviour.

Now thousands of people have accessed the site and have left hundreds of rewards and messages for Mr Gori.

One visitor offered to produce in his studio a song chosen by Mr Gori to kick-start a potential artistic career.

Another offered a snow-boarding lesson in Argentina’s ski resort of Bariloche, while an Argentine abroad promised to bring back a second-hand GPS satellite receiver for his taxi on his return.

“Thank you”, say many of the messages and one said it all: “I wish more people were like you.”

For his part, Mr Gori seems a bit bemused.

He said he only did what had to be done – and that he does not quite know what to do with all the things he has been offered.

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Girl’s dream to end childhood hunger gets national attention [Video]

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Here’s one from one of my friends, Joey Sovine.

Ten-year-old Katie Stagliano dreams to end childhood hunger across the world.

The 4th grader from Pinewood Preparatory School in Summerville was recently featured in NBC Nightly News “Making a difference” segment.

Her dream began in her backyard where a 3rd grade project turned into a 40 pound cabbage.

“We decided that my cabbage was too special to be eaten so I contacted the organization fields to family. They are an organization that brings extra crops from farmer’s fields and other places to people in need and they told us that Family Crisis Ministries’ soup kitchen would greatly appreciate it,” explained Katie.

The 40 pound cabbage went on to feed over 275 people and triggered a dream that is spreading throughout her school.

With help from environmental science teacher Michael Newman, a garden has been constructed on the school’s property where Katie’s classmates help to grow food for the homeless.

Katie has now helped to feed over 800 people and hopes to inspire more people to grow food for those less fortunate.

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