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Nation’s oldest postal worker retires with 3,856 unused sick days [VIDEO]

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 At age 95, the nation’s oldest postal worker is ready to call it quits. Chester Arthur Reed is walking away from his job as a mail handler and forklift operator in California. Now, he wants to see the world.


Honest taxi driver reaps rewards

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The donations started after a website was set up in his honour calling for gestures of gratitude for what is seen as an extraordinary act of honesty.

So far the equivalent of $14,580 has been donated, according to the site.

Santiago Gori, a taxi driver in the coastal city of La Plata, found the money after driving an elderly couple.

They only went a short distance but when he dropped them off, they left a bag in the back of his taxi.

A few days later he managed to locate his passengers again and he returned the bag.

For Argentines used to corruption at all levels of society, this was an extraordinary story.

Two young advertising agency employees decided to set up a website to thank Mr Gori further for his exemplary behaviour.

Now thousands of people have accessed the site and have left hundreds of rewards and messages for Mr Gori.

One visitor offered to produce in his studio a song chosen by Mr Gori to kick-start a potential artistic career.

Another offered a snow-boarding lesson in Argentina’s ski resort of Bariloche, while an Argentine abroad promised to bring back a second-hand GPS satellite receiver for his taxi on his return.

“Thank you”, say many of the messages and one said it all: “I wish more people were like you.”

For his part, Mr Gori seems a bit bemused.

He said he only did what had to be done – and that he does not quite know what to do with all the things he has been offered.

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90-year-old couple does duet [Video]

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Fran & Marlo Cowan (married 62 years) playing impromptu recital together in the atrium of the Mayo Clinic. He’ll be 90 in February.


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Young at heart: Elderly librarian says kids keep her alive [Video]

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Here is a library worker who is older than many of the books on the shelves but she says her elementary students keep her young at heart.

Arlene Greene turns 82 this summer and she credits the kids at Wengert Elementary for her new lease on life. “When I first came here to Nevada I was sitting around, doing reading, watching T.V. and I was slowly dying and my daughter said, mom, ‘you are going to die like this. You’ve got to volunteer.'”

Greene now volunteers five days a week. Wengert’s principal, Suhaila Mustafa, says, “She is very sweet, very kind to them.’ Mustafa says Greene resembles grandma and provides a family atmosphere.   

Greene is no push over, though, and the kids know it. A book overdue is a book overdue. And she is a stickler when it comes to saying “please and thank you.”

Greene says, “I would encourage everybody who doesn’t know what to do with themselves, who have nothing, their children have married or gone away, jump into a school. Volunteer and work with the kids. It’s like living all over again.”

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Angels with power tools [Video]

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Here is one of my stories!

One full year after a tornado ripped the Strawberry Mobile Home Park apart, many residents are amazingly still trying to pick up the pieces.

Earlier this week, we introduced you to an elderly lady who still couldn’t afford to have a damaged tree removed that threatened to fall on her trailer. But, a News 2 viewer jumped to action to extend a Problem Solver Helping Hand.

Van Atkins, the owner of Van’s Tree Service, was so moved by the plight of Bergetta Driggers that he came to her rescue.

Early this morning he and his crew removed the damaged tree and stump. Not only were they unsightly, but the tree could have easily killed Driggers if it fell on her trailer.

She said it’s been an unbelievably hard year and she is surprised someone cared enough about her to help.

The services totaled to around $800 and Driggers says she simply would not have been able to afford such an expense

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Mail carrier saves woman from fire, completes her deliveries

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When a mail carrier realized an 80-year-old woman was inside a burning house, she didn’t hesitate to rush inside to help.

“It was something instinctive,” Jackie Jefferson said. “I wasn’t thinking. I puffed up my nerves and did it. I can’t believe it happened.”

Jefferson’s actions got the wheelchair-bound woman out of her . Then, true to her postal duties, Jefferson resumed walking her mail delivery route.

Jefferson was gone by the time Indianapolis firefighters arrived. She didn’t return until well after the fire was out and the woman she had rescued had been taken to Methodist Hospital.

Jefferson, 36, has been delivering mail only a few months. Based out of the Brightwood branch post office, she’s been filling in on others’ delivery routes.

I ran over to the house, and the lady is usually in the living room,” said Jefferson. “I grabbed ahold of the wheelchair and tried to push her as far as I could.” She got the woman out of the burning house.

“And then the flames started to come out of the door,” Jefferson said. “I’m glad I was in the right place at the right time.”

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Brothers exchange same birthday card for 36 years

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Darryl and Dan Culberson were cheapskates before it was cool. And they can prove it.

The two brothers have been exchanging the same birthday card since 1973.

Every January, Darryl drops it in the mail heading to Dan’s home outside Boulder. And a few months later, the card makes its way back to Colorado Springs for Darryl’s March 7 birthday.

The yellowed card is covered with pithy greetings that are now snaking down the back cover. Its fraying edges are held together by tape and the stubbornness of two brothers.

Darryl, 62, insists that his older brother, 68, is “the cheapest person I’ve ever met,” and he’s not far behind.

That’s what inspired him to buy the card the year they decided to stop exchanging birthday presents.

On the outside it reads, “Here it is! Just another card for your birthday!” Inside, a masked bandit on a motorcycle rides beneath the words “The Phantom Cheapo strikes again!”

Dan thought it would be funny to send the same card back, one-upping his brother’s cheapo move. And a tradition was born.

Thus, a card survives that was printed the year the Watergate scandal unfolded, Elvis played his famous live concert in Hawaii and the World Trade Center opened.

It’s never been lost in the mail, and the Phantom Cheapo – true to its name – was even delivered last year when it didn’t have enough postage.

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