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Dream wedding day… for dying 9-year-old [Video]

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This is one of the most touching stories that I’ve seen in a long time! It gave me chills. Do yourself a favor and watch the video. Get the tissues ready.

The bride was dressed in ruffled white and wore a tiara. The groom pledged to be her best friend forever. They exchanged rings, and the lucky North Texas couple swooned as they danced to their favorite song — “Love Bug” by the Jonas Brothers.

They may be a tender age — Jayla Cooper is 9 and the groom, Jose Griggs, is 7 — but their parents were behind them all the way.

She met her husband-to-be at a Halloween party while they were both being treated at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

For Jayla, who has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia and who, according to her doctors, may only have weeks to live, the “wedding” was less a dream come true than a last wish.

“He is very cute, and I love him,” Jayla said of Jose, who has a chronic and more treatable form of leukemia with a strong prognosis of recovery.

“I was so excited and happy,” she told “It was really fun, and we had dances and did a lot of things.”

Read more and watch this amazing story: Dying Wishes: Weddings to Helping Homeless


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