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Mini cows milk cuteness for all it’s worth

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As adorable as they are, the little cows at the Memphis Zoo shouldn’t be mistaken for calves. At more than a year old, miniature cows Cloudy and Darwinia are the newest residents at the zoo’s Once Upon a Farm.

Both hail from a farm in Columbia, Tenn., and after a month in quarantine are out on display.

Cloudy is only about 25 inches tall at the shoulders and was bred from Hereford and American Lowline stock. Her companion, Darwinia, is 36 inches at the shoulders and was bred from American Lowline and Belted Galloway, a heritage breed with a recorded history some experts say dates back to the 16th century, when farms were smaller.

“What we’re showing here is the evolution of farms, because people can keep (miniature cows) on smaller homesteads,” said Gail Karr, assistant curator of mammals at the zoo.

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One school, eight sets of twins [Video]

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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have a twin? We get those answers and more from not one, not two, but eight sets of twins at St. Francis school.

“Huh? No I’m not a twin she’s my clone.,” the Laa sisters say. They are members the most exclusive club at school. From two years old to seventeen, enrolled here are 8 sets of twins.

The twins say their classmates all react the same way. “They are shocked because we look nothing alike,” the Damaschi brothers say.

All 8 sets are fraternal and not identical twins. “They don’t think that were twins usually when we tell them,” Taylor Damaschi says, “why am I bigger than him, I’m still younger.”

Conner and Taylor have some obvious differences but some of the twins look a lot alike. “I can’t tell them apart but they are fraternal,” Sister Joan of Arc Souza said.

She says a school discount for siblings could be the reason for the twin invasion here. “We always want to wear the same things so we’ll fight over clothes sometimes a lot most of the time,” Emma and Claire Laa said.

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