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Soldier wounded in Iraq dives into new adventure [Video]

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Great story!

Matt and Tracy Keil are exploring new adventures after a sniper’s bullet left Matt without the use of his arms and legs.

Keil is an Iraq War Veteran who nearly died in Iraq. His injuries left him a quadraplegic.

With his wife Tracy’s encouragement, Matt is facing his fear of the deep.

“I was nervous because I’m not sure how my regulator is going to work if my mask is going to fill up with water. Am I going to start choking on water?” said Keil.

Tracy is a certified diver. Now, she is hoping this could open up a new world for Matt.

“Always chair, couch, bed, shower, that’s it. So this is a nice opportunity for him to spend a little bit of time out of the chair,” said Tracy.

Matt’s volunteer helpers from Craig Hospital eased him around the shallow end of the pool.

One volunteer said it’s an amazing practice in trust. “Imagine you can’t move anything and somebody puts a regulator in your mouth, a mask on your face, and says ‘all right, we’re going to go underwater now,’ that’s trust.”

“Once I got comfortable it just seemed natural, it seemed fun. I was like, let’s go to the deep end right now! I’m ready, I’m ready for it,” said Keil.

“You’re floating in the water and doing something like this let’s you know even though you’re paralyzed and disabled, you can still go out and scuba dive. You can do anything,” said Keil.

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Wheelchair athlete featured on Cheerios box [Video]

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This guy has the best attitude. You should watch the video.

Former Marine and wheelchair athlete Jake Hipps is among twelve athletes now featured on Cheerios boxes.

Hipps autographed dozens of Cheerios boxes for fellow vets and his co-workers at the Buffalo VA Hospital.

Hipps, a Vietnam-era vet, lost his ability to walk after a shooting in 1994.  Shortly thereafter, Hipps began competing in the National Veterans Wheelchair Games.  He holds four national records in field events and won three gold medals and one silver medal at last year’s competition.

Hipps has also competed in skiing events, basketball, and bowling competitions.  He’s currently learning to SCUBA dive.

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