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Addicts run Commonwealth Games 5K as a release

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Watch this story: Addicts run Commonwealth Games 5K as a release

For a few of the Coventry Commonwealth Games 5k runners their journey began long before the starting shot was fired.
Six months ago, Matt Satterwhite and Matthew Mitchell had never laced up their shoes to hit the pavement.
Mitchell says, at least not for a race.
“Unless it was blue lights behind me, no,” Mitchell said.
Mitchell can joke now, but that’s because he’s on the right road.
After years of alcohol and drug abuse Satterwhite and Mitchell turned to the Roanoke Rescue Mission for help.

“I just needed a new lease on life, so I came to the mission to receive that,” Mitchell said.
“Before this (I was) just always in trouble using drugs and alcohol the whole time,” Satterwhite said.
Getting clean and sober doesn’t always mean getting fit and trim.
It just so happened Tammy Wiley approached the Rescue Mission with the idea of getting a group together to start running and eventually enter a race.

“I think it’s a sense of accomplishment, getting out early at 6 o’clock in the morning and running and then actually being able to participate in a race and finishing and completing the 5k,” Wiley explained.
Wiley says volunteering to help train folks in the substance abuse program is actually a blessing to her, and her fellow runners are now family.

However, Satterwhite says running is a gift.

“Depending on drugs and alcohol for the last 20 years as a stress relief you need something and running has pretty much taken the place of it,” Satterwhite said.

Sponsors helped pay for the Rescue Mission group to run in Saturday’s race.
Also, running shoes and clothing was donated.


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Man Runs From California To Georgia Raising Funds For Juvenile Arthritis [VIDEO]

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Patrick McGlade is running a marathon. But you won’t find a pack of competitors in front of him or behind him. He’s running this one alone. He’s raising awareness and money for juvenile arthritis.

The idea came to him when he was running a marathon. Actually I was in the middle of a 24 hour race and I decided well if I can run for 24 hours straight, I think I can run a marathon a day. That’s when I started looking for charities,” says McGlade.

The Arthritis Foundation welcomed him with open arms. The charity has been there every step of the way lining up support, food and shelter for McGlade.

“For the most part, it’s been a very good experience.”

But very challenging, says McGlade. He runs 30 miles a day. He stops to take photographs along the way. He was drawn to a sign on the 13th Street Bridge recognizing the 2006 Little League World Series Champions from Columbus. Once he snapped his photos, it was back to work.

McGlade’s Huntington Beach, California to Tybee Island, Georgia run is expected to end April 23rd. His goal is to raise $50,000. So far McGlade has raised $17,000. To see photos of his journey, his route, and to donate, visit

SOURCE: Man Runs From California To Georgia Raising Funds For Juvenile Arthritis

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91-year-old sprinter sets track record [Video]

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Grace Foster is now known as “Amazing Grace”. The 91-year-old New Jersey resident has set a new world record in the 60 meter sprint, shattering the previous record for her age bracket.

Her son Greg was waiting for her at the finish line.

“When she across the line and gave me a hug, I was happy,” he said. “And then the record on top of that was just a bonus.”

Grace exercises daily, but didn’t take up track until last month.

“I’ve seen a lot of people much younger than I am act much older, so maybe I’ll be a help to some people. Keep moving,” she said.

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