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Coupon Craze: How to get the stores to literally pay you to take their groceries

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Extreme couponing is becoming a way of life for many in the Lowcountry. Using coupons can save you thousands of dollars a year in groceries if you know how to use them correctly.

WCBD-TV News 2 Problem Solver Larry Collins takes a look that the Coupon Craze and how you can get the stores to pay you money to take their groceries. It’s a story you have to see to believe.

Watch this story: Coupon Craze: How to get the stores to pay you to take their groceries


Acts of kindness move auctioneer to tears

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Andy Kaye of Kaye’s Auctions was literally brought to tears yesterday talking about the kindness of some of the good hearts.

The contents of a storage locker (being sold off due to unpaid storage fees) were on the block when the little boy whose toys were in the lot (about three years old, there with his mom) asked Andy if he could “have some of my toys”.

“Sure,” says Andy, seen here in picture No. 1. “Go ahead.”

The little guy gathered a pile of toys, then when the auction got underway, a 20-year regular of Kaye’s, Karen, bought a couple of boxes, immediately donating them back to the family.

Other bidders followed suit, till at the end of the sale mom and her little guy had a fair amount of their stuff back.

“I’ve been in this business a long time,” says Andy, “and I have to tell you, that was really something. The little guy’s mom certainly had tears in her eyes.”

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Photo: Flikr user spectrus38

Organization donates wild game to food banks [Video]

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I’m not sure what you think about hunting, but this is an interesting way to help those in need.

Piper Smith, of Mansfield, recently killed her first deer, and she donated the meat to the needy.  “It makes me feel like I did something good, like a good deed or something,” the nine-year-old said.

Dustin Ortmann of Dallas is now 27-years-old, but said he’s been hunting since he was seven.  “Hunting’s probably my favorite thing to do in my free time so I try to hunt as much as I can,” he said.  “I just like being in the outdoors.”

Over the years Ortmann has donated a lot of wild game to an organization called Hunters for Hungry.  After all that time, Ortmann recently found himself in need.  He was laid off in September and during the months of his unemployment; the venison in his freezer helped him get by.  “Some people are going to be out of work a lot longer than the three months that I was.  So it helps me appreciate it a little more and feel good about being able to help somebody out.”

Develyn El-Fil is in the same boat Ortmann was.  She’s divorced with two children and recently lost her job.

“It’s something new to me.  It’s not something that I have actually gone in to buy, but at this time and age, you’re probably willing to try just about anything,” she said.

Worker Judy Rorrie said, “It’s [venison] leaner than other meats so therefore we would be accomplishing two things.  We would be providing meat, fresh meat, and we would be providing I think that’s wonderful.”

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Photo: Flickr user nobis-scotia

“Free Garage Sale” [Video]

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Thanks to a reader for bringing this story to my attention. It may be something you can do in your community.

Before this week, Wilma Jenkins never heard of a free garage sale.

“Well that’s an oxymoron, you’ve got free and sale in the same sentence,“ Jenkins said.

Saturday, Jenkins will be part of one. The Bethel Christian Church member has spent the last couple of days collecting furniture, clothes, and even appliances for Saturday’s event.

“We have a dishwasher, a stove, a washing machine,“ Jenkins said.

“So many people are out of work and they’re needing things and a lot of us, we can’t give money, but we can give our time and help in other ways,“ Jenkins said.

The church may not be asking for money, but members are asking vendors and people looking for good deals to skip their garage sale. They say it is only for people in need.

Watch that story: Leave Your Money At Home:  Jonesborough Church To Hold “Free Garage Sale” Saturday

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