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Hotel suite in plane that “crashed” in the middle of jungle

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The location looks like a scene from TV drama Lost – a crashed airliner surrounded by miles of impenetrable jungle on one side and deep blue ocean on the other.

But, in fact, the passenger jet is actually part of a luxurious hotel suite where highfliers can relax and enjoy the fantasy of being cut off from the rest of the world.

The two bedroom suite is housed inside the fuselage of a 1965 Boeing 727 which was destined for scrap.

Jutting out from a hillside, the plane offers spectacular views of the Manuel Antonio National Park’s rain forest in Costa Rica from balconies built on each wing.

Inside the refurbished airframe are two wood-panelled bedrooms, a kitchenette, dining room and living area and two bathrooms.

A spokesman for the Hotel Costa Verde described it as ‘the most exclusive hotel suite in Costa Rica’.

The giant was transported piece by piece from the San Jose airport to its current resting place on a pedestal 50 feet above the beach.

Five big trucks were needed to get the plane out to the resort, and while the transportation certainly had a negative ecological impact, the finished project is a stunning example of adaptive reuse.

The hotel spokesman added: ‘At this height, you will enjoy scenic ocean and jungle views from the hard wood deck built atop the plane’s former right wing.

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Woman spends $23,000 to find lost dog [Video]

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Ginny Davis went to extreme measures to find her lost dog, a $23,000 investment that she said paid off.

When Davis lost her 2-year-old shih tzu, Sam, money was no object.

With six furry friends, Davis considers her dogs family. When Sam wiggled out of his collar on the way to the groomer, Davis was devastated.

“He was just in panic mode at that point and so he just kept running,” she said.

As quickly as Sam made his escape, Davis drew up a game plan to find him. She hired search and rescue teams from Oklahoma and Ohio to trace his scent and plastered thousands of signs all over Indianapolis and Greenwood.

With every phone call she got, Davis had a little more hope that Sam would be found safe and sound.

One day last week, Davis got a phone call she had waited months for. A postal worker saw Sam sleeping in a nearby field. When Davis called Sam’s name, the dog came running to her.

“I thought, ‘My God, it is him,’ and I just sat down and cried,” Davis said.

Philip Borst, who has a veterinary practice near Davis’ home, said he was shocked when he heard that a pet owner spent $23,000 to find her dog.

“I’ve had stories over my 35 years of dogs that have been lost for 100 miles away and they found them … in another city or state,” Borst said. “The lengths that she went, that showed that she sure did love that little pooch.”

“I’m not a wealthy person. It’s just that I feel when you get an animal, you make a commitment,” Davis said.

Sam was extremely dirty and full of ticks when he was found, but after a good grooming and examination, he’s the same dog Davis loves.

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Police officers find out they’re father and son [Video]

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This is a great one!

Two Petersburg police officers have discovered they aren’t just co-workers – they’re father and son.

Sergeant Chris Walker started hearing a name around the office that sounded familar — Detective Clay Hamilton. After some casual questions for the 53-year-old Hamilton, Walker called his mother to see if he could get some more information about his hunch.

Turns out the 37-year-old Walker’s mother had a brief relationship with Hamilton and became pregnant. But she moved away from the Richmond area and Hamilton never got to meet the baby — until now.

A DNA test confirmed that Walker and Hamilton are father and son. The two men are making up for lost time by spending time together. Walker credits faith — and fate — for the reunion.

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Man reunited with lost class ring after 32 years

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In 1977 in Kansas City, Mo., Richard Brack found what he knew was someone’s lost class ring.

“I saw a little glimmer out of the corner of my eye and reached down in the gravel and picked it up,” Brack said.

Brack said he knew it was important to the owner and he wanted to get it back to them.

After 32 years of a seemingly endless search, Brack finally tracked down the owner of the ring — Deane Carter of Phoenix.

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