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Nation’s oldest postal worker retires with 3,856 unused sick days [VIDEO]

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 At age 95, the nation’s oldest postal worker is ready to call it quits. Chester Arthur Reed is walking away from his job as a mail handler and forklift operator in California. Now, he wants to see the world.


22 pound fat cat put on diet [Video]

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This fat cat has been treating himself to too many kitty treats, weighing in at a whopping 10kg.

When it comes to bolting down all the nosh on offer, Lion has lived up to his name, taking the lion’s share of whatever is put in front of him — and then some, we suspect.

Lion has always enjoyed the finer foods on offer, preferring to dine on gourmet meals of chicken and rice.

As a result, he weighs about the same as a standard barbell, so no wonder this five-year-old cat is part of the growing obesity epidemic of fat cats waddling along the Gold Coast.

The weight problem for Coast felines has alarmed Cats on the Coast veterinarian Dr Kate Adams, who said Lion must lose weight in order to stay healthy.

She said the problem was more prevalent with indoor cats of people living in high-rise apartments.

“The overweight cats I’m seeing are much less active than cats with a healthy weight and face serious health risks simply because their owners may be giving them too much food,” she said.

“Obesity in cats increases the risk of a whole array of health problems such as diabetes and arthritis.

“However, we have an excellent weight control program available that will help cat owners to bring their cat back to its healthy weight.”

Depending on the animal’s size, the average weight for a healthy cat should be about four or 5kg.

Dr Adams said she had seen cats weighing as much as 11kg, putting them in the morbidly obese category.

“We have put Lion on a low-carb, low-fat eating program,” she said. “You can also incorporate exercise into a cat’s life by increasing their play, as well as putting their food on a shelf and making them jump for it.”

Lion’s owner Fiona Mattig said too many rich treats had seen her kitty put on the kilos.

“Lion has always loved his food,” she said.

“I used to feed him supermarket food but now we have him on obesity food for cats.

“We are hoping that Lion gets down to five kilos.

“At the moment he doesn’t have any major health problems but for him to live a healthy life, he has to lose the weight.”

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Chocolate Inhaler: All the taste with none of the calories

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The revolutionary gadget means chocolate lovers can indulge their guilty pleasure without putting on weight.

The gadget lets users breathe in chocolate to curb cravings and satisfy their sweet tooth.

Invented by Harvard professor David Edwards, Le Whif comes in four different flavours: raspberry, mint, mango and plain.

He worked with his students at Harvard University to develop the product and said he was inspired by thinking beyond normal ways of eating food and into the future.

He said: “Over the centuries we’ve been eating smaller and smaller quantities at shorter and shorter intervals.

“It seemed to us that eating was tending toward breathing, so, with a mix of culinary art and aerosol science, we’ve helped move eating habits to their logical conclusion.

“We call it whiffing.”

The chocolate-flavoured powder is housed in a small plastic cylinder which users breathe in from.

Makers say the particles of the powder are too large to enter the lungs or do any damage.

They believed the chocolate inhaler is just the first step in a gastronomic revolution.

Tom Hadfield, part of the Le Whif team, said: “When you inhale food, you don’t want the particles going into your lungs.

“However, these are too big to do that, and we have developed a special mouthpiece to help.

“It fills your mouth with almost pure chocolate – it tastes really good.

“It’s zero calorie, so could also be used as a diet tool.

“But chocolate is only the beginning – we’re going to be unveiling more different types of food in the future.

“Two Michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx is even working with us to develop meals, such as a mint-flavoured inhaler to go alongside his lamb dishes.

“Eventually we could be having three course meals this way.”

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Organization donates wild game to food banks [Video]

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I’m not sure what you think about hunting, but this is an interesting way to help those in need.

Piper Smith, of Mansfield, recently killed her first deer, and she donated the meat to the needy.  “It makes me feel like I did something good, like a good deed or something,” the nine-year-old said.

Dustin Ortmann of Dallas is now 27-years-old, but said he’s been hunting since he was seven.  “Hunting’s probably my favorite thing to do in my free time so I try to hunt as much as I can,” he said.  “I just like being in the outdoors.”

Over the years Ortmann has donated a lot of wild game to an organization called Hunters for Hungry.  After all that time, Ortmann recently found himself in need.  He was laid off in September and during the months of his unemployment; the venison in his freezer helped him get by.  “Some people are going to be out of work a lot longer than the three months that I was.  So it helps me appreciate it a little more and feel good about being able to help somebody out.”

Develyn El-Fil is in the same boat Ortmann was.  She’s divorced with two children and recently lost her job.

“It’s something new to me.  It’s not something that I have actually gone in to buy, but at this time and age, you’re probably willing to try just about anything,” she said.

Worker Judy Rorrie said, “It’s [venison] leaner than other meats so therefore we would be accomplishing two things.  We would be providing meat, fresh meat, and we would be providing I think that’s wonderful.”

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Photo: Flickr user nobis-scotia