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Restaurant opens specializing in grilled cheese [VIDEO]

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Watch this story: Grilled Cheese Restaurant Opens In Catonsville

The grilled cheese sandwich is one of America’s favorite sandwiches, and a local company is hoping to capitalize on its popularity.

April has been named National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month.

In Catonsville, four local men who love the sandwich decided to open a restaurant devoted to it.

 Grilled Cheese & Company just opened this week at its location at 500 Edmondson Avenue.

 The founders of the restaurant said their decision to open the shop was inspired by their childhood memories of grilled cheese.

 The business offers all sorts of takes on the traditional sandwich, along with soups and salads to pair it with.

 To find out more about the shop or to see the menu: Grilled Cheese & Co.

 The grilled cheese sandwich first started appearing in the U.S. in the 1920s, and last year, 2.2 billion grilled cheese sandwiches were made and eaten in homes throughout America, according to statistics.

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