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First Condor Hatches at Monument in Over 100 Years

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Biologists at Pinnacles National Monument have verified the successful hatching of a condor egg inside the monument.

The young nestling is the first California condor known to hatch in the monument in over 100 years. Two seven year old condors, condor 317, a female released at the monument in 2004, and a male, condor 318, released along the Big Sur coast by Ventana Wildlife Society were seen in courtship displays during the winter and paired up for their first breeding attempt.

National Park Service Wildlife Biologist, Daniel George, reports that the first-time parent condors have been exhibiting normal behavior, regularly feeding and incubating the new nestling. The milestone highlights regional efforts to bring the condor back from the brink of extinction. “It is really great to see a condor that we have invested so much time and effort in, now breeding in the wild,” said Joe Burnett, Condor Biologist of Ventana Wildlife Society.

“We are thrilled that after being involved with the Condor Recovery Program since 2003, the park has its first condor chick from the first nest in over 100 years,” said Eric Brunnemann, Park Superintendent.”

SOURCE: First Condor Chick Hatches at Pinnacles in Over 100 Years


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