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School district offers yoga to teachers worried about layoffs [VIDEO]

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Watch this sotry: APS offers stress management to teachers worried about layoffs

As some Albuquerque Public Schools employees brace for budget cuts and layoffs, the school district is launching a stress management campaign to help them cope. It’s called the Spring into Health Campaign 2010, and it will focus on key habits that promote overall health.

It includes a free five week series of stress reduction classes, where an instructor guides people through meditation, breathing exercises and group talks.

APS officials say the program usually costs $300. For employees who can’t commit to the entire five week course, they can participate in a May 3rd stress management Webinar. Both are sponsored by Lovelace. APS will also host free yoga and Qigong classes.

Jennie McCary, APS’ Wellness Manager, said she understands the looming cuts are making employees nervous.

“When someone feels like they don’t have control and they’re anticipating a lot of anxiety, that can be really, really stressful,” McCary said.

APS officials announced they plans to lay off 180 people who retired, then returned to work. School principals are working on budget cuts, which could lead to more layoffs.

A clearer picture of how many positions will be cut will be available once APS submits its final budget to the school board at the end of May.

Each week, APS will promote a wellness tip.

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