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POSITIVE PICTURES: Maymont in the spring

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The record-breaking heat this week may have fooled many Richmonders into forgetting that its April and time for spring to be in full bloom. Maymont is on the list of places to get your flower fix.

Maymont has been busy this week with all the children off for spring break. There were plenty of families and camp groups bouncing around the park during my visit.

Tulips dominate the landscape, with Dogwoods and Redbud just starting to peak. The azalea and peonies are emerging, with the majority of them yet to bloom.

Picnic in the shade of hundreds of trees, stroll through the fantastic Italian and Japanese gardens, take the children to see the eagles, bears, deer and the more domesticated animals at the Children’s Farm or cool off in the Nature Center to watch the otters. Maymont is family fun.

In the Japanese Garden, the waterfall is back and as picturesque and popular as ever. The Italian Garden hasn’t seen its first rose yet, but is full of color and spring’s splendor.

Read more and see more amazing pictures: Maymont in the spring



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