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Paranormal Convention Held In Ohio

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Do you believe in ghosts? There was a special event for people who do at Cincinnati’s Music Hall today.

The Queen City Paranormal Convention ran all day. Vendors were set up in the hall, there was a ghost hunt and several guest speakers were going to discuss their paranormal experiences.

One Indiana woman has a special interest in the topic. “I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal. I grew up in a haunted house where we had three ghosts. So I kind of follow the ghost trial. I like to go to places like today to see what other people are experiencing.”

There are several stories about paranormal activity at Music Hall, from people who say they’ve heard music and angry voices and seen visions of well-dressed men and women from the early 1800’s.

Human bones were unearthed by construction workers in Music Hall in the early 1990’s. The city’s poorest residents were apparently buried in a potter’s field there in the 1800’s. The cemetery was moved for the construction of Music Hall in 1874 but some of the bones were left behind.

See the raw video: Paranormal Convention Held at Music Hall

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