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Healthy Hip-Hop: Volunteer Uses Rap To Promote Health [VIDEO]

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Watch this story: Volunteer Uses Hip-Hop To Promote Health

 Is there such a thing as hip-hop healthy? James Christos says, “Yes.”

 The local hip-hop artist told KMBC’s Maria Antonia that he uses his psychology degree to promote better health in the community. He counsels people with mental health issues and volunteers at a couple of health facilities.  

Christos said, “I’m a rap artist, but I’m here promoting urban health relief programs.”

 At the Samuel U Rodgers Health Center, Christos brings his message to young African-American men to live a healthier life. His songs are meant to show his listeners how to keep themselves healthy mentally, and how to look at themselves in a positive light.

 The 33-year-old rap artist said he’s “trying to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves.”

 He talks to people at health centers and also privately counsels patients who have mental health issues. Christos said he wants his music to address more mental health concerns, such as depression.

Christos said he knows that rapping about eating celery and lettuce would not be entertaining. His primary goal is to reach his audience and present his message in a way that’s fun.

 He will be taking his message on a multi-city tour in June. 

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04/09/2010 at 9:08 pm

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