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Family of 8 commutes on 1 motorcycle — together!

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How does a large family commute anywhere if they have no car and little money?

As this picture proves, there are no problems, only solutions.

What appears to be an entire family of eight have all piled cheerfully on to one motorcycle.

The three children, two men, two women and a baby are clinging to one another tightly, their hair blowing in the breeze – as they are, of course, compounding their danger by riding without helmets.

Their lives appear to be in the hands of one of the men – clad in a dark purple shirt, he is the driver.

His control of the motorbike is compromised by the three children crammed on the saddle in front of him however. One hopes they only have to travel in a straight line, as he will find it very difficult to turn the bike with the three children there.

Of course, the weight he is carrying on the back of the motorbike will not help either.

To go around corners on a motorbike, the driver must lean into the turn. That is always more difficult to do when carrying a passenger – if the passenger does not lean with the bike also, or if they lean too little or too much, the driver could lose control.

Unless you are an experienced rider, that’s difficult enough to manage with one passenger. With seven, it must be just about impossible.

The driver will also find stopping difficult.

Read more and see more pictures: Solved! How a family of eight can travel from A to B… on just TWO wheels


Written by allpositivenews

04/29/2009 at 5:38 pm

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