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22 pound fat cat put on diet [Video]

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This fat cat has been treating himself to too many kitty treats, weighing in at a whopping 10kg.

When it comes to bolting down all the nosh on offer, Lion has lived up to his name, taking the lion’s share of whatever is put in front of him — and then some, we suspect.

Lion has always enjoyed the finer foods on offer, preferring to dine on gourmet meals of chicken and rice.

As a result, he weighs about the same as a standard barbell, so no wonder this five-year-old cat is part of the growing obesity epidemic of fat cats waddling along the Gold Coast.

The weight problem for Coast felines has alarmed Cats on the Coast veterinarian Dr Kate Adams, who said Lion must lose weight in order to stay healthy.

She said the problem was more prevalent with indoor cats of people living in high-rise apartments.

“The overweight cats I’m seeing are much less active than cats with a healthy weight and face serious health risks simply because their owners may be giving them too much food,” she said.

“Obesity in cats increases the risk of a whole array of health problems such as diabetes and arthritis.

“However, we have an excellent weight control program available that will help cat owners to bring their cat back to its healthy weight.”

Depending on the animal’s size, the average weight for a healthy cat should be about four or 5kg.

Dr Adams said she had seen cats weighing as much as 11kg, putting them in the morbidly obese category.

“We have put Lion on a low-carb, low-fat eating program,” she said. “You can also incorporate exercise into a cat’s life by increasing their play, as well as putting their food on a shelf and making them jump for it.”

Lion’s owner Fiona Mattig said too many rich treats had seen her kitty put on the kilos.

“Lion has always loved his food,” she said.

“I used to feed him supermarket food but now we have him on obesity food for cats.

“We are hoping that Lion gets down to five kilos.

“At the moment he doesn’t have any major health problems but for him to live a healthy life, he has to lose the weight.”

Watch the video and see more fat pets: Lion’s share for this hefty feline

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  4. […] 22 pound fat cat put on diet [Video] « All Positive News […]

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