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Tupperware parties but for pets: It’s ‘Pupperware’ time!

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First there was Tupperware parties. Now there’s the “pupperware” party.

The concept is pretty much the same as Tupperware or almost any other product sold at home parties. Someone hosts a party and invites his or her friends and family to check out a product line. Only with these parties, the guest list doesn’t have to be limited to humans. Canine companions welcome!

The Pet Party is being offered by Shure Pets, a national pet product company based in Chicago.

Spending money on our household animals is at an all-time high. We may be in a recession, but we’re not cutting back on pampering our pets, according to figures from the American Pet Products Association. The group’s most recent statistics show that consumers in the United States spent $43.2 billion on their pets in 2008, up from $41.2 billion in 2007.

Laura Macklin, sales and training director for the Pet Party, recently held a pupperware party at her west suburban home.

“We even had a 10-week-old puppy come to visit, and we gave her a spa treatment. We put spritzer on her, brushed her all out, put paw balm on her paws and made her look really pretty,” Macklin said.

Guests at Macklin’s Pet Party were shown Shure Pets’ lineup of products including Paramount Paw Balm, the Ulti-Mutt Candy Bar, Devine Canine and Feline Breath Mints. There also were a variety of collars and leashes to choose from, as well as beds for cats and dogs. Other products being touted include organic catnip, a variety of shampoos and conditioners and dog treats.

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