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“Miracle Bra” saves woman’s life in robbery shooting

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A Brazilian woman who was shot in the chest by robbers on a bus survived the attack because she had stuffed money into her bra.

The woman was travelling on the bus in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia when it was held up by two armed men.

The incident took place in Bahia’s capital, Salvador, where 58-year-old Ivonete Pereira travelling to her summer home in the nearby town of Lauro de Freitas.

Because of frequent bus attacks in the region, she hid 150 reals (£45) in 20 and 10-real notes coiled inside the left cup of her bra.

When the bus passed through the Boca do Rio neighborhood, the robbers suddenly announced their intention. A shoot out ensued with a police officer on the scene and a stray bullet hit Pereira.

Her bra was stuffed with just enough cash to absorb most of the impact, although she still had to be taken to hospital to have the bullet removed.

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