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Church members celebrate Easter despite fire [Video]

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In February, fire destroyed Shenberger Chapel United Methodist Church in Chanceford Township. Two months later, the congregation gathered a few miles away to celebrate Easter.

The New Bridgeville Fire Company served as a chapel. Reverend Patricia Bollinger said the congregation is strong.

“It still seems to be very uplifting and encouraging,” Bollinger said. “Our numbers still tend to be up and we are averaging about 20 people more in worship.”

Church members began their Easter Sunday by meeting at the old church for a sunrise service. The rest of their service was held at the fire department, which is where they have been meeting since the century old church burned down. Pews were replaced with metal chairs. The altar was a table. The congregation noted that where they worship did not change the meaning of Easter.

“Jesus is risen and that we do worship a risen Savior, that’s always special for me,” explained Bollinger. “The wonderful blessing is that we have been able to come here and worship and the worship has been genuine and real and the ministry has continued.”

The congregation is in the process of choosing an architect. It hopes to start rebuilding in the fall.
Watch this story: Church Members Celebrate Easter Despite Fire

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