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Family finds the Easter Bunny’s nephew? [Video]

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Doctor Carrie Sutor lives across the street from where the baby bunny debuted.

It was certainly the hours-old bunny’s misfortune to become separated from his mother who must have built her nest in the mulch pile, but the fact that Doctor Sutor is a veterinarian may have proven lucky for the little guy.

“He got into the right mulch delivery,” Dr. Sutor said.

Unfortunately, a second baby rabbit who rolled out of the mulch didn’t make it.

The Sutor children were thrilled with the unexpected arrival and have named the bunny Sweetie Pie, although Floppsie might be more appropriate.

“I thought it was the Easter Bunny’s nephew because it’s little,” Olivia Sutor said.

In 11 years of practice Dr. Sutor has never had a patient or pet this tiny. Giving Sweetie Pie some oxygen was a challenge. Instead of wearing a mask, the bunny sat inside the mask. He also got some fluids.

“He’s looking better than he did yesterday afternoon, so I think he’s going to do okay,” Dr. Sutor said.

In a couple of weeks, the Sutors will know if the bunny can be domesticated or must be set free. Of course, the children are hoping they can keep him.

Dr. Sutor will take Sweetie Pie home over the weekend so she can keep an eye on him, so the lucky bunny will spend Easter with his new, if not accidental, family.

Watch this story: Baby bunny surprise for doctor’s family


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