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Church holding Easter service at bar [Video]

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Very interesting story and idea.

Many people spend their Sundays going to the church of their choice, but have you ever thought about attending a church service at a bar? One Little Rock Church is promoting its upcoming Easter service at a popular River Market hang out.

Just call it the Bar Church. That’s how a new church called “The River” is advertising itself. Not only will its Easter service be held at The Rev Room, the church is holding Good Friday service this week in the River Market as well.

Many churches are advertising Good Friday and Easter services, but most of them will take place in traditional settings.

“Well, we’re meeting at a bar,” says Shane Montgomery, Pastor of The River Church.  He says he’s trying something different. “If you’re going to church somewhere, you probably don’t need to come down on Easter Sunday because you might feel a little uncomfortable,” Montgomery said.

By breaking away from the norm, he hopes to attract a new audience.

“It made sense to me,” the pastor said. “How do you get people that don’t go to church to go to church? You do that by going to a place and removing obstacles that are intimidating and church is intimidating sometimes.”

A few non church-goers had mixed reactions about the whole idea.

Joe Carter liked the idea, “because it kind of joins two worlds together.”

“I don’t know about having Easter Sunday at a bar,” said Aaron Adams. “That’s just the way I grew up and you don’t associate drinking with going to church.”

Pastor Montgomery says he anticipated negative reactions, but it’s not overshadowed by the positive impact he hopes his church will leave behind. “We choose to listen to the people that Jesus called us to reach,” he said.
If you’re thinking about coming, leave the dressy outfits and suits at home. Montgomery says they’re not allowed.

Read more and watch this story: Little Rock church holding Easter service at bar

Photo: From Flickr user Magic Bullet Theory


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  1. I love the idea! Meet them where they are.

    I Am Legend

    04/09/2009 at 7:51 am

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