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Newest State Troopers: The banker, the soldier, the biologist and the mother [Video]

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A banker, a stay-at-home mom and a flight paramedic. What do they all have in common? They all became Minnesota State Troopers.

This is the 52nd class of candidates to graduate from the Minnesota State Patrol Academy and it is the largest class in history. Almost half of the 72 new officers have a background in something other than law enforcement.

“There is a biologist in there, there is a baseball player, we have people from all walks of life,” said one graduate.

New trooper Gabriel Exman has a college degree in finance.

“I was a banker for Highway Federal Credit Union. I did that for about a year and then before that I worked for the Minnesota National Guard in Iraq,” said Exman.

For this class, the Minnesota State Patrol tried to find candidates with backgrounds other than law enforcement. Some of the candidates tried out because of economic conditions, like Leah Carpenter who left the patrol in 2004 to start a family.

“I have three small children, but my husband is a home builder and with the economy the way it is today, we made the decision that I would go back and work full time. And this is the only thing I could think of doing,” said Carpenter.

The State Patrol is proud of its history, going back to 1929, but the graduates will have some of the most diverse backgrounds the force has ever seen.

The graduation marks the end of 12 weeks of rigorous training for the new troopers. Each will now work with a veteran officer for one year before they go on solo patrol.

Watch this story: Banker, Mother, Biologist: All New State Troopers

Photo: From Flickr user chuck-reynolds’

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