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Students use “Wall of Shame” to fight discrimination [Video]

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I love the idea these students had and the story that came from it.

When it comes to negative stereotype students at the University of Memphis have a visual reminder this week. Monday, members of the Students Activities Council put up a wall in the student plaza to expose the discrimination that still exists.

The wall made of cinder blocks is covered with dozens of words of hate still used to stereotype different races, groups and individuals.

“I think it will really open people’s eyes to what people really think. A lot of things are just kept inside,” said Sean Fernandez.

Students spent weeks filling in these cinder blocksand say the words comes from real life experiences.

They say labels like generic, pretty boy or drama queen may not seem offensive, but if used over over in a negative way they can hurt . “What is kind of bothersome might be not be bothersome to you, but we still have the same feeling when something bothers us,” said Jenn Armstrong, President of the Student Activities Council.

The wall has only been up a day, but is already having an impact on students even employees on campus.

“I”ve never seen anything like it,” said Shamika Wright.

The wall will be torn down with ropes and chains and students are hoping along with they’ll tear down discrimination on campus.

“I just really want people to start talking,” said Armstrong.

Read more, watch this story and see the wall: Students Use Wall Of Shame To Fight Discrimination

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