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Massage therapy works well on animals too [Video]

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We love massages, so why not animals? Massage is an increasingly popular therapy for our pets, including large animals like horses.

Cowboys aren’t the only ones with sore muscles after a day at the rodeo. Often animal athletes like horses need a little rub down at the end of a long day.

“So I’m going to come along on his chest area and I’m just going to squeeze like I’m squeezing an orange,” said Polly Webb, Colorado State University Equine Sports Massage Therapist. “Actually ancient Chinese and Indians used massage for their horses all the way back to 3,000, B.C.”

Webb showed a tour group at CSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital the basics of horse massage to increase circulation and flexibility.

“These show horses are athletes and the same things we do for people, we do for these horses,” veterinarian Lisa Carson said.

From horse massage to dogs on water treadmills, veterinarians are increasingly using physical therapy on animals because they benefit the same way humans do.

Read more and watch this story: Massage Therapy Works Well On Animals Too

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  1. […] Continued here: Massage therapy works well on animals too « All Positive News […]

  2. I know I love to get a good Shiatsu Massage, Sauna, then Deep-Tissue after my workout (next to the gym I go to in New York City), but as far as massaging a pet? Yeah, I can attest to that. I have a few cats and whenever I groom them, I always tend to follow it w/ a back and belly rub for 5 minutes or so. when I hear those purrs of delight, I know I’m relaxing them. So if I think it’s a therapeutic thing to do for your animal, I say absolutely!

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