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Family band wins recording contract [Video]

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Here is a follow-up to a story we brought you last month! It’s from my buddy Phillip Murrell.

From singing in their Dad’s church in Bluff City, to singing in front of America, the kid’s lives of the local pop band J4 were changed forever the moment opportunity knocked

The four siblings never thought much would become of a tape they sent to the CBS Early Show Singing Family Faceoff competition.

“We never thought we’d ever get this far since we put all this together the day of the deadline,“ said Jessi Smith of J4.

J4 was chosen from an estimated 700 entries from all over the U.S. to compete against five other bands in New York City.

As they competed, they wowed both the judges and America. With every performance, votes poured in for J4 and they soon made it to the semifinals, then the finals, and early Wednesday morning, they won a recording contract with CBS Records.

“We didn’t think we’d end up winning it. It’s crazy!“ said Jessi.

Needless to say, folks back home in Bluff City are proud.

“It tells me again about the profound amount of talent that’s in our area,” said Jim Hunter, a Tri-Cities resident.

J4 is thankful for all the support they got back home from their fans.

“Thank you guys so much for voting and the support and the prayers and everything you’ve given to all of us. We just really appreciate all of it.“

Jessi reflected on the group’s journey.

“Overall we’ve just really enjoyed this whole experience.“

Watch this story: J4’s Road To Fame

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