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Battery-powered bicycle [Video]

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Brian Sauer has always had a fascination with transportation. He’s been building things from about the age of four.

“I almost considered building an ultra-light airplane, but I decided I didn’t want to go that route. It takes longer to heal when you get older, and I don’t want to get injured if I can avoid it,” said Sauer with a laugh.

Instead, the Cleveland Clinic engineer built a motorized bicycle in his basement that is fit for the elements. Sauer calls it the “Bricycle.” It’s technically a bicycle. It’s small, chic, and functional. It has brake lights, turn signals, and headlights too. And it runs off batteries. It’s better for the environment and, as Sauer claims, good in the elements.

“I’ve driven it when the temps have been in the 20s, and it’s reasonably warm. My hands get cold, and my feet get cold. But there’s not wind in your face,” Sauer said.

It may be easy for Brian to drive, but is it for everyone?

“I’ve had my son-in-law. He loves it. My daughter. I’ve taken my granddaughters for rides,” Sauer said.

While his mom won’t try out the Bricycle, she’s still proud as can be.

“Oh I think it’s wonderful,” she said. “I think it’s one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long, long time. Maybe it’s because he’s mine, I don’t know.”

Watch this story: Battery-powered bicycle keeps you out of the rain

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    04/07/2009 at 1:37 pm

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    04/09/2009 at 6:11 pm

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