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10-year-old crossing guard pulls child away from path of truck [Video]

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For 10-year-old Matt Krause, it was all in a day’s work.

A member of the safety patrol at Waterville Primary School, Matt couldn’t help but notice a tearful kindergartner emerge from his mom’s car. The little boy, Cole Dorner, didn’t walk into the school as he should have, but ran down the sidewalk as his mother pulled into a parking spot.

One safety patroller called out to Cole to stop, but when he didn’t, Matt stopped him before he stepped into the path of an oncoming pickup.

“I just ran over and grabbed him by the shoulder with one hand,” Matt said, recalling that the driver of the pickup was talking on a cell phone and drove on by, apparently unaware of what had nearly happened.


“I told him, ‘It’s OK. Your mom’s coming,’ and then his mother came over and said, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you,'” Matt said. 

Five-year-old Cole, for his part, was more interested in reuniting with his Mom than noticing that Matt had just saved his life.


Read more about this young hero: Waterville boy pulled child away from path of pickup

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