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Special Olympics bowler to President Obama: “Bring it on!” [Video]

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What a unique and creative way to localize a national story. I love the positive way the local Special Olympics athlete took President Obama’s gaffe.

President Obama made headlines Friday for comparing his bowling skills to the Special Olympics.

On Thursday’s “Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” Obama said his bowling score of 129 was like “the Special Olympics or something.”

Before the show aired, the President called the organization’s chairman Tim Shriver to apologize and to invite the Special Olympians to the White House.

At least one athlete in Carmichael would love to take him up on that offer.

“Mr. President, bring it on,” said Patrick Underly, who has been bowling for two decades.

Underly, who is developmentally disabled, bowls an average of 175, far above the President’s 129. Underly’s father and coach Steve said he isn’t offended by Obama’s comment.

“The Special Olympics athletes teach us to honor people all the time and respect people,” said Steve Underly.

Steve said the Games have also given Patrick the confidence to work the lanes — even better than the Commander in Chief.

“I think I could challenge him to a game and teach him about bowling,” said Patrick Underly. “Teach him how to stay behind the ball and let the ball work.”

“Probably what (Obama) meant to say was that, if I could speak for the President, it’s a challenge to bowl a game as an adult, even to get a 129. It’s such a challenge like Special Olympics athletes, it’s challenge at sports and a challenge in life,” said Steve Underly.

Read more and watch this great story: Special Olympics Bowler to Obama: “Bring It On!”

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  1. I hope that little guy gets invited to the White House.


    03/22/2009 at 8:30 am

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