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Behind the scenes at Cirque de Soliel’s Kooza [Video]

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Pretty interesting story. Lucky reporter to get to do this story… it looks like fun.

Cirque de Soleil’s Kooza is acclaimed for the acrobatics, the whimsy, the fantasy and something else.

“They’re known for their costumes,” said Velvet Grove, head of wardrobe. “There’s about 1,500 costume pieces. That includes shoes, hats and wigs.”

What better way to understand how the transformation happens, then to go through it? Weijia did it.

“We always exaggerate a little, the lips, the eyes we make bigger,” said Grove.  “There’s a step-by-step for each artist. They all do their own make-up for the show.”

For such a dramatic circus, the make-up is nothing less than that. They use bright neon eyeshadows and charcoal liners.

Lots of gold foil is used because the costumes make the artist.  After some cinching and pinching with the outfit, Weijia is done.

She says the outfit is very comfortable, It has to be. Velvet Grove says the artists, aside from the glitz and glamour, have to be safe.

“They have to do their tricks and you have to make it safe for them, nothing loose, nothing can fall off,” said Grove.

Then after a show, it’s six hours of repairs and sewing for the next show.

“There’s 10 loads of laundry every night,” said Grove.

Read more and watch this story: Costumes & Make-Up Take Center Stage For Kooza


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