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10-year-old chess king [Video]

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A 10-year-old West Jordan boy has won the 2009 Utah Game/60 Chess Championship – and he could be ranked first in the nation in his age group.

Kayden Troff won $120 in prize money Saturday and has been invited to attend U.S. Chess School this summer.

Troff’s quick game is rated 2125, which is higher than any active tournament player in the state. His long game is rated 1933. He needs to reach 2500 to attain grandmaster status, the highest title a chess player can achieve.

Damien Nash, an expert-level player and director of the tournament, says he thinks Troff will be ranked No. 1 in the nation in the rapid chess category for kids under 13.

Kayden has been playing since he was 3, and practices up to seven hours daily.

Read more and watch that story: 10-year-old boy wins Utah chess tournament


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