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Blind bowling [Video]

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The pins are dropping like they would in any bowling alley but here the person responsible can’t even see their success.

The 52nd annual Midwest Blind Bowling Tournament is taking over this alley all weekend, drawing teams from as far as Missouri and Pennsylvania.

Earnest Sherrill has been bowling for more than 50 years but as glaucoma slowly took away his vision he learned to adapt.

Sherrill says, “Guessing game is about 95, about 95 and the rest is just knowledge.”

The guide railings help, lining bowlers up and the rest is just feel.

Michelle Moxley says, “Just trying to align myself and just trying to throw the ball in the middle of the lane.”

Sherrill says, “Toughest part of the game is trying to get it down the middle because the eyes focus when I hit the light. They focus where the light comes in.”

It’s an opportunity these 260 bowlers are glad to have.

Sherrill says, “I’m very happy because bowling is my life now. You take bowling away form me and I have nothing else to do.”

Read more and watch this story: Blind Bowling


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