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Students on Spring Break repair homes [Video]

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For many people, the biggest investment is their home. But countless people can’t afford to pay for all the work that needs to be done.

Home hasn’t been a home for Sarah Ware. But she said she has angels on her side.

“This is more than a blessing,” Ware said. “I just thank the Lord.”

Her home of 60 years was falling apart. In just days she would’ve had to move out. But on Thursday, her home looked like new.

The student group BG Crosswalk, from Bowling Green State University in Ohio, spent its spring break in Greenville.

“We’ve done some painting, some trim work,” said BGSU student Josh McRoberts. “We’ve cleaned up outside. Some of the guys did some siding.”

Across town, more students were working up a sweat helping another homeowner with work he said he could never afford.

“Right now we are putting up a screen on the fence, we primed the whole house, we painted it,” said BGSU student Cody Elling.

It’s not the spring break many of them expected.

“A lot of our students struggled with it,” a group member said. “They could’ve worked this week and made money, but instead they paid $140 to come down here.”

The tough economy is hitting each student in different ways. But they said, right now, that doesn’t matter.

They all put their problems aside to help people they’ve never met.

Read more and watch that story: Students On Spring Break Repair Homes

Photo: From Flkr user amanky

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