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More than child’s play: Scrabble scores add up to learning [Video]

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A chattering classroom full of Lakeville Elementary students is hunched over Scrabble boards. It may seem like just a game. But fun is not the only reason their teacher Charlotte Bremond has been holding after-school Scrabble classes for eighteen years.

“It increases their vocabulary, makes their math skills sharper,” Charlotte explains. “It also gives them good strategies for creating words.”

In her twenty-two years as an elementary school teacher with the Oakland School District, Charlotte estimates she’s introduced over three thousand students to Scrabble. Eight years ago, she organized the first regional tournament for students, and for the last five years, she’s been raising money so she can take the very best players to compete nationally.

 “It’s a beautiful sight, it’s fabulous.”

And it’s a site she’s worked hard to diversify.

“I think a lot of African American children believe that their skills or talents lie in playing ball, so I go out of my way to recruit children of color who can come and play the game and do a good job,” Charlotte says.

Mother Tamika Landry says Scrabble has helped her daughter with schoolwork.

“Since Cinaka joined the program, I’ve seen her test scores improve, I’ve seen her self-confidence improve, and her ability to learn different things has really shot through the ceiling,” Tamika says proudly.

Fourth-grader Cinaka adds, “I think it’s fun and cool, and I hope I go to the nationals!”

Read more and watch that story: Scrabble Scores Add Up to Real Learning


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  1. I teach 2nd grade at an elementary school. I have found found that most kids who are seeking attention do best when that learn that they can get attention through praise. As for homework I often try to find websites that have homeworksheets so that I can give them to parents to use as a resourse. That is how I ended up on this webpage.

    Jade Viccars

    07/05/2010 at 6:05 pm

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