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Man feeds firefighters during large fires and accidents [Video]

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He’s received national attention and a national award for serving those who put their lives on the line every day.

Raleigh’s Barry Doyle has been helping Wake County firefighters for 15 years by doing what he does best — cooking.

Owner of Barry’s Cafe, Doyle started the non-profit Feed the Firefighters back in January 1994 after an unexpected ice storm hit the area.

The Swift Creek Fire Department, which is across the street from his restaurant, was dispatched to a massive vehicle pileup and subsequent fire caused by the storm.

After hours on the job, Swift Creek firefighters called Doyle asking him to bring them, and hundreds of other firefighters from other departments dispatched to the scene, some hot coffee.

After having to make multiple trips back and forth in his SUV, Doyle saw there was a need to help firefighters and other first responders.

Now, Doyle drives around in a Winnebago that’s been converted into a kitchen on wheels.

Whenever there’s a big fire, Doyle can meet crews on the scene and provide hot coffee and food, refueling hungry firefighters so they can continue to help others.

In addition to providing food, Doyle also provides a restroom for firefighters and a nice place in the back of his converted Winnebago for firefighters to come in and take a break.

“He is part of our fire department. He’s taken care of us at his own expense many times, and gone out of our way, and it doesn’t matter what time of day or night you call him, he’s always there,” said Capt. Dennis Holland with the Swift Creek Fire Department.

Read more and watch this story: Raleigh Man Feeds Firefighters

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