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Company uses “smiley faces” to create good economic times [Video]

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When you see the A-Nete-Idea truck coming your way early in the morning, you know you are going to receive a smile.

“Grinners are winners, we think people are sad, sad people have no confidence, happy people go out and buy, sad people go home and hide,” Nita Clark of A-Nete-Idea said.    

Every Tuesday, they donate their smiley face sign to different companies in Stark County to help spur the economy.    

“Happy people go out and buy, sad people go home and hide,” Clark said. “We are going back to the same business over and over because they enjoy it so much and their clients enjoy it so much.”    

They also pass out smiley buttons to the company employees to wear so they feel happier and the customers they see all day will also receive a smile.    

“Bad times happen, good times are created, so I know we are making good times for people. And growing up, I realized happy times are the glue that get you through the bad times, so now I get to make a lot of glue for people,” Clark said.

Come evening, they take down their sign and put it away until next Tuesday when it comes out again to make a difference.

Read more, watch this story and smile: Stark County company using smiles to create good economic times 

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