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Mother uses tragedy to win lottery [Video]

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It’s a big win for a woman with big family.

“I never thought I’d win,” Phyllis Canady said.

Phyllis takes care of her grown children along with their little ones. Making life more difficult, her oldest son Markey was killed in a drive-by shooting in 2005 and now Phyllis helps with some of his six children.

“I’m not going to says it’s been easy because it’s not,” she said. “It’s been hard, but it’s just day by day.”

It was about time her lucky number came up, and this week it did. Five lucky numbers.

“My baby’s 17, my daughter’s 20, my son is 22, my oldest daughter’s 25 and my deceased son is 29,” Phyllis explained.

Her numbers perfectly matched Sunday’s Badger 5 and Phyllis won the $211,000 grand prize.

She’s already got a plan for the money. Phyllis said her son dreamed of building his mother a house before he died.

“I think God has really blessed me because he knows I’ve been struggling,” said Phyllis. “Now I can get the house he wanted me to have. If God were to take me today, at least I could say my grandkids have a place to go.”

Read more and watch this story: Murdered Man’s Mom Wins Lottery


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