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Airman serving country now finally U.S. citizen [Video]

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I absolutely love this story!

When Regina Trivette moved to America at the age of 14, she thought of the country as the “land of milk and honey.”

She moved from the Philippines with her father and brother to join her mother, who was already here.

“I always wanted to come to America, but never in my mind did I think that I would be an American citizen,” Trivette said.

In fact, Trivette would wait years for that to happen, first following in her husband’s footsteps by joining the Air National Guard.

“After being a military spouse for a while, I’ve decided, you know, I’m tired of you leaving me, I’d like to go and join the fun, and I’ve had fun ever since,” Trivette said.

For three years, Senior Airman Trivette served her country while not being able to claim it as her own. That was the case until Wednesday

Trivette took an oath of U.S. citizenship along with about 245 other people from more than 60 different countries.

“It’s like a rebirth, just totally brand-new day, and it’s a world of opportunities out there for Americans,” she said.

Trivette’s husband, Thomas, and other fellow airmen from the 134th Air Refueling Wing at McGhee Tyson were there to support Trivette.

“She’s obviously cared enough about this country to serve in her nation’s military, so taking this final step of becoming a naturalized citizen is just a huge – a big day for Regina and a big day for us to come support her,” Major Jason Brock said.

Trivette says she’s always felt like an American, so her life won’t change much. However, now she can call it official, and now she can vote.

“I’m just proud to be an American,” she said. “I can actually say that now. I’m proud to be an American, and I’m proud to fight for the country, I really am.”

Read more and watch this great story: Airman serving country now finally U.S. citizen

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