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Discarded lottery ticket wins man $1,000 [Video]

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Here is a really interesting story from a reader.

Joe White rarely buys his own lottery ticket.  Instead, he relies on other people to do it for him.  “People throw money away all the time,“ said White.  Day after day he spends hours sifting through discarded lottery tickets.  “Might as well just go get some tickets and enter them online,“ said White.  White knows what many don’t know.  Every instant lottery ticket is eligible to be re-entered on for another cash prize.

On any given day there could be up to 80 discarded lottery tickets in the lottery ticket trash bin at Ravi Patel’s 7 Star Stop in Johnson City.  White goes around to about 7 convenience stores every day, which means he has the potential of getting over 500 tickets a day.  “I’ve got four shoe boxes full on one day,“ said White. 

Read more and watch this story: Discarded Lottery Ticket Wins Man $1,000

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