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Organization donates wild game to food banks [Video]

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I’m not sure what you think about hunting, but this is an interesting way to help those in need.

Piper Smith, of Mansfield, recently killed her first deer, and she donated the meat to the needy.  “It makes me feel like I did something good, like a good deed or something,” the nine-year-old said.

Dustin Ortmann of Dallas is now 27-years-old, but said he’s been hunting since he was seven.  “Hunting’s probably my favorite thing to do in my free time so I try to hunt as much as I can,” he said.  “I just like being in the outdoors.”

Over the years Ortmann has donated a lot of wild game to an organization called Hunters for Hungry.  After all that time, Ortmann recently found himself in need.  He was laid off in September and during the months of his unemployment; the venison in his freezer helped him get by.  “Some people are going to be out of work a lot longer than the three months that I was.  So it helps me appreciate it a little more and feel good about being able to help somebody out.”

Develyn El-Fil is in the same boat Ortmann was.  She’s divorced with two children and recently lost her job.

“It’s something new to me.  It’s not something that I have actually gone in to buy, but at this time and age, you’re probably willing to try just about anything,” she said.

Worker Judy Rorrie said, “It’s [venison] leaner than other meats so therefore we would be accomplishing two things.  We would be providing meat, fresh meat, and we would be providing I think that’s wonderful.”

Read more and watch this story: Organization Donates Wild Game To Local Food Banks

Photo: Flickr user nobis-scotia

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