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“Miracle patient” survives two days without liver [Video]

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This lady has got the right idea. She says, “If you want to live… live. If you want to die… die.”

Doctors in Frisco, Texas are calling a 67-year-old grandmother a “miracle patient” after she survived more than two days without a liver while waiting for a transplant.

Lois Eisemann was given less than two weeks to live after her liver failed.

She got a transplant and that failed too, then had to wait for another liver transplant.

Many patients live only 24 hours without hours, but lois survived 54 hours without one.

She says she never gave up.

“It’s not easy, it’s very hard, but if you want to live, live, if you want to die, die,“ she said.

After facing death, multiple surgeries and months of therapy, Eisemann say’s she feels great, and the feisty grandmother hasn’t lost her spunk.

“I just need to put on some weight, I’m too thin. You don’t hear that very often do you?“ she joked.

Watch this story: “Miracle patient” survives two days without liver

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