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One school, eight sets of twins [Video]

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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have a twin? We get those answers and more from not one, not two, but eight sets of twins at St. Francis school.

“Huh? No I’m not a twin she’s my clone.,” the Laa sisters say. They are members the most exclusive club at school. From two years old to seventeen, enrolled here are 8 sets of twins.

The twins say their classmates all react the same way. “They are shocked because we look nothing alike,” the Damaschi brothers say.

All 8 sets are fraternal and not identical twins. “They don’t think that were twins usually when we tell them,” Taylor Damaschi says, “why am I bigger than him, I’m still younger.”

Conner and Taylor have some obvious differences but some of the twins look a lot alike. “I can’t tell them apart but they are fraternal,” Sister Joan of Arc Souza said.

She says a school discount for siblings could be the reason for the twin invasion here. “We always want to wear the same things so we’ll fight over clothes sometimes a lot most of the time,” Emma and Claire Laa said.

Read more and watch that story: One school, eight sets of twins

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