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Prisoners train service dogs for the disabled [Video]

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Opening and closing a door can be a difficult task for someone in a wheelchair, but service dogs can do it with ease. The dogs are rescued from shelters and are given a chance to help those with disabilities.

They are trained by specially selected inmates at the Washington Corrections Center for Women.

The residents learn job skills and a lot more.

Teamwork is probably one of the biggest things I hope they take out of here. “That will help them in any job as well as returning to their families and community,” said Beth Rivard, with the Purdy Prison Pet Partnership.

Heather Opel hopes to open up a dog grooming shop and train service dogs on the side when she gets out in 15 years.

 “It makes me feel really good about myself,” she said. “I feel like I’m giving back to the community because I’m helping a dog to go out there and help somebody else.”

The service dogs are free to those with disabilities; they would normally cost 41,500 to 420,000 each.

Read more and watch that story:  Female prisonerd train service dogs

Photo: Prison Pet Partnership Program


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