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10-year-old golf prodigy [Video]

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Here is a story from my buddy, sports reporter, Scott Eisberg.

Kyle Spencer is flat out good. 

He’s shot a 71 on 18 holes, something most golfers can never say they’ll do.  Kyle has done it, by age 10. 

 He started at age 2. By 4-years-old, he was taking lessons and soon after playing competitively. 

 His coach says he’s one of the top 300 kids in the entire world. 

For such an established golfer, one of the most important decisions in his life is picking a caddy.  Kyle’s decision, his grandma and Mary Ann Snyder–who is also a pro at Charleston National. 

 It’s a unique bond the two have, but every weekend, grandma follows grandson 18 holes.

Read more and watch the 10-year-old in action: Kyle Spencer–An Aged Golfer at 10

Photo: Flickr user JLMitch

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