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Teen hero pulls victim from firey crash [Video]

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When it comes to faith, Chase Duffell’s life is a testament.  But even years of believing could not have prepared the 17-year-old for what he faced one afternoon. 

 A truck pulled out in front of a school bus, just feet in front of him.  The teen knew he had to help.  “I jumped out, parked it at the church, and I came back and the whole driver’s side was in flames.  I couldn’t get to the driver’s door to unlock it,“ he says.  “So I went around to passenger’s side, he was unconscious laying down.“

  With the car on fire, and the victim bleeding inside, Duffell had to act quickly.  He used every inch of his six foot frame to pull the man to safety.

The rescue is all the more rewarding, because this is one teen who knows too much about life and death.  Less than two years ago, Chase was diagnosed with cancer. 

Now, Duffell’s family believes his dramatic rescue was meant to be.  “I thought, God you saved him.  You saved him so he could be used for somebody else’s life today.  That’s overwhelming,“ his mother Muffin says. 

Read more and watch that story: Teen Hero Pulls Victim From Firey Crash

Photo: Nathan Gray []

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