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Miracle Mom wakes from coma and walks from hospital [Video]

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A miracle went home from the hospital this week. Now, we know the word miracle is used far too often, but this time, well, you decide.

Lori Smith, Survived Strokes & Coma: “I’m 19 days from them pulling the plug. 19 days. I was going to be dead.”

38 year-old Lori Smith says prayer, God, and some great doctors, nurses, and therapists pulled her through, after what started out as a normal delivery of a baby. Lori and Michael Smith’s fourth child was born New Year’s Day.

“I got to say she’s beautiful.”
“About 15 minutes after that, our world got turned upside down.”
“My body just came to a halting stop.”

A complicated blood clotting problem, called d-i-c, nearly killed Laurie… a series of strokes… kidney failure… liver failure … and 12 days in a coma. On day 11, Michael brought their three other kids in to say goodbye.
Michael Smith, Lori’s Husband: “They said mom, if you love us, blink your eyes, and she would blink her eyes, so that’s the point I knew we had Laurie there. I didn’t know if she was being mom for the last time, but what I knew is it was a miracle at that point.”

Laurie came back and was transferred from Bethesda North to Drake Center for a month of intensive therapy.

The baby’s name is Delilah Grace. Actually, it’s Delilah Grace Hope. That’s what the nurses called her while mom was in a coma … Hope. Sure looks like the nurses were right.

Read more and watch this story: Miracle Mom Leaves Hospital After 56 Days


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