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Exchange program breaks down stereotypes [Video]

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Skaneateles and Fowler High School students are learning they have a lot in common.  Friday, students took part in an exchange program organized by Interfaith Works, which helps break down stereotypes by bringing students together. 

“Well, actually, before I came to fowler — I’m embarrassed to admit this — I was really scared,” says Skaneateles senior Madison Eckles.

Chris Gilkes, a senior at Fowler, says “I always thought Skaneateles — not to be mean — was going to be racist, which it’s really not.”

Skaneateles’s Josh Tracy is shadowing Fowler’s Gilkes; the pair met earlier this year during the schools’ first exchange.

“We’re definitely going to keep in contact, cause he’s getting recruited for basketball,” says Tracy.

“I just wanted to show that we’re not bad people. We’re the same. We just live in a different location,” says Gilkes.

In the fall, students compiled a list of assumptions they had about each other. Every so often they’ll revisit the list and see if the stereotypes still ring true.

Read more and watch that story: Exchange program breaks down stereotypes

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02/28/2009 at 2:36 am

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