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Mayor rides out snowstorm on top of city hall [Video]

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On a snowy Thursday night it takes a little effort to get around. Of course, it could be worse. You could be Sheldon Anderson.

“Oh yeah,” laughs the mayor of Wyoming, Minnesota. “I’m not going any place.”

In his third term as mayor, Anderson is a familiar face in city hall. This week he’s on top of it.

“They’ll be snowmobiles and plows tonight so it will be a little noisier,” says Anderson from within his camping tent atop the one-story Wyoming City Hall.

The mayor ascended to the roof on Monday to raise money for the Forest Lake Area Teen Center — pledging to stay up for seven days.

Weighing on his mind more than the weather is the pace that donations have been coming in. He raised $40,000 on the roof last year. With the worsening economy, this year he’s not even close.

Read more and watch that story: Mayor rides out snowstorm on top of city hall


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  1. Sheldon is grandstanding as always. He likes to impress voters.

    M G

    03/27/2009 at 8:43 pm

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