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Dear Mr. President: Boy’s letter to Obama [Video]

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Meet Michael Bedsaul — philosopher, author, and advisor to the president. This six-year-old Las Vegas boy isn’t just name-dropping when he tells you the president wants to hear what he has to say.

Just when you think you have a pretty good grasp on the way the world works, along comes this straight-talking six-year-old with words of wisdom we could all learn from.

Excited by the inaugural celebrations he watched live on television, Michael decided to write to President Barack Obama to remind him that even in the midst of the country’s economic chaos, we need to focus on what really matters, “It is important to say please and thank you.”

But it was the picture Michael sent with his letter that really blows your mind, “This is a heart sun, this is a real sun, and this is Barack Obama.”

Michael goes on to explain that a heart-sun spins in the sky, sending God’s love to everyone all over the world, including President Obama.

Michael’s handwritten letter and picture were selected from thousands submitted by children from around the world, and though he’s not impressed, it will be included in a bound volume and presented to the president.

Michael has no plans of politics in his future. He wants to be a Transformer.

Read more and watch this story with the super cute little guy: Boy’s Letter to Obama Included in Book

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02/23/2009 at 10:06 pm

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